Post Operative for Denture and Partials

You may develop sore spots and discomfort while adjusting to a new denture or partial. Most new dentures or partials require an adjustment period. You may have to visit the office a few times for adjustments for your denture or partial to feel comfortable.

  • Start slowly with a new denture or partial. Eat soft foods first before attempting to chew harder foods.
  • It may take several adjustments before your denture or partial fits perfectly. This is normal.
  • Caring for your denture or partial requires taking them out every night, using a denture brush to remove any food debris, and soaking them in a cleaning solution overnight like Polident.
  • While cleaning your denture or partial,  be careful not to drop them in the sink as they can break. Fill the sink with water, or hold them over a towel to help prevent breaking if you happen to drop them.
  • Do not sleep with your denture or partial in your mouth as your tissue needs to breathe and rest.
  • Your denture may become loose overtime. This can be fixed by relining the inside of your denture.